Australia's Largest Online Gluten Free Lollies Pick And Mix Selection

Nothing is better than wandering through a Lolly store and adding your favorite lollies to your bag. When you have an intolerance Gluten this can be harder to do. So we have created a Gluten Free Lolly Specific Pick and mix selection for all the Celiacs out there. If you have a particular favourite Glten Free Lolly you like scroll down and buy it in bulk.

At Lolly Kingdom, we have tried to re-create the in store experience online just without the cost. It’s a simple 3-step process:

1. Choose your Size 2. Add your favourite lollies to your mix 3. Checkout and enjoy

Pick from over 55 Gluten-Free Lollies and

Chocolate Options


Add your shipping address and we will have favourite lolltes on its way to you in no time. Some things to note:

If an item comes out of stock after your order we will just leave it out of the mix so you can get your order as fast as possible.

Please ensure you have somewhere shaded to leave the lolltes at your place so they so they don’t melt in transit. We will let the courier know to look after it but its best to be sure.

We try to get an even mix of lolltes that you choose but its an art and not an exact science so some variation will occur.

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