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A Lolly Kingdom favourite game is Candy, Candy, Bullet. Played like duck, duck, goose, could you catch the runner? Candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy……bullet!

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Fizzy gum bullets are a bubblegum that will shoot to your favourite candy as soon as you view them. One fizzy bullet from the candy gunslingers at Vidal will make you forget all about chocolates and other confectionery. Whilst chocolates are delicious and there are plenty of other confectionery choices out there, like chocolate peanuts, chocolate almonds, dark chocolate goji berries, dark chocolate coffee beans and jelly beans, we at Lolly Kingdom think that these gum lollies will be your number one.
Add Vidal fizzy gum confectionary from the shop to make sure you don’t miss out. There are approx 1000 confectionery bullets in the Lolly Kingdom shop. They make fantastic gifts for all lovers of lollies.
Pieces of these confectionery can be found in the uk, in Australian and American candy bars. We think they’re more popular lollies with Australian and American audiences.
Buy bulk gum bullets and mix them with liquorice and jelly.
These gum bullets are not individually wrapped cause individually wrapped bullets would be more painful than a real bullet.
Specials or novelties you could use the bullets for are to put them in drinks. Can you think of any specials or novelties that would be better than making drinks or cocktails with the bullets.
Fini make milk chocolate bullets but day after day after day, we think they would love to make the gum versions too. Maybe a day will come where they will find a way. What a day that would be.
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Bubble gum bullets from vidal make great toys. Gum bullets and licorice are also amazing to play with. Gum is chewy goodness and pairs well with licorice. Test out what fun games you can play with your new gum and licorice toys. How many more ways can you play with your toys? Buy licorice and gum in bulk to make sure you never run out of fun. Playing with your new toys is a great way to have fun in bulk.
Playing with toys in bulk is a great way to keep the fun going at any occasion. Bulk up your collection with more bubble gum bullets for a superb party. The atmosphere will be electric like a jelly fish. Jelly, not jelly fish, is another slippery way to add fun to your parties. How many more random sentences can we include in this paragraph. Will anyone actually read all of this?
More on the origins of Candy, Candy, Bullet. The game was created by a whimsical eight year old, seeking to out run and out smart their older sibling. Little were they aware that changing the names of the duck and the goose was not going to be sufficient to out wit their nemesis. They would require something far more ingenious to trouble their tormentor. Displaying devilish tactics, the eight year old dropped a handful of bubblegum bullets behind them as they were being chased, causing the older sibling to stumble and fall over. The eight year old finally managed to elude their physically superior opponent, returning to their starting position in the circle. Nefarious indeed but success was tasted and the taste was sweet. Further details of the encounter cannot be divulged as the older sibling did not take kindly to being booby trapped. Lolly Kingdom does not endorse violence in any way, shape or form.
Ait can be included in this deluge of dribble because it quite simply needs to be. An ait is a small island in the middle of a river, formed through the accumulation of sediment.
Lollies are what we are all here for however. The lollies of Lolly Kingdom are the sweetest. The lollies of Lolly Kingdom are the tastiest. The lollies of Lolly Kingdom are the sourest. The lollies of Lolly Kingdom are the saltiest. These lollies are the best lollies that have ever lollied.

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