Milk Chocolate Coated Pretzels


Milk chocolate. Pretzels. Chocolate coated pretzels! A combination made to be savoured.

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Milk chocolate-coated pretzels are the delectable combination of sweetness and saltiness. Chocolate coated pretzels are a favourite at Lolly Kingdom with staff and customers alike. The genius of pretzels covered in milk chocolate can not be understated. Add them to your next pick ‘n’ mix.

Add Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels to Pick and Mix

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The citizens of Lolly Kingdom are, and always have been, consummate consumers of all things sweet, sour and salty. This consumption intensifies when applied to the delectable desserts that they’re renowned for: lollies! To label lollies as desserts to a Lolly Kingdom-ite is a mortifying insult, however, as they are often consumed before, during and after meals. Why wait until dessert for such a tantalising treat!? Such is their mantra….

And so it is true that empires rise and fall but how is it that the monarchs of the Lolly Kingdom have managed to thrive and prosper? Magnificent mantras aside, the esteemed rulers encouraged their lolly makers to pool their products together to provide a revolutionary idea to their subjects. The pick ‘n’ mix bag!

Rather than wait for the revolution to come to them, they brought the revolution to the people and their popularity has eclipsed all prospective sugar highs. Giving the people the power to select their favourite lollies in small quantities has ensured that their reign will continue for as long as the Lolly Kingdom-ites have sweet (or perhaps sour or salty) teeth.

So don’t delay, become a citizen of the Lolly Kingdom today 🙂

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