lolly kingdom is the website of All sweets Wholesale Confectionery. 

All sweets Wholesale Confectionery is 100% Australian owned and operated,  founded in Ring wood, Victoria around 1974 by Laurie & Trish Brown.  All sweets have been operated by Greg & Sandra Freeman since 1988.  The warehouse moved to Gruyère in 2008.  Mao & Charlie Xiong took over the operation in August 2016.

Our customer base is varied and includes shops, general stores, cafés, newsagents, and pharmacies.  We also service schools, indoor sports centers, gymnasiums, basketball and netball centers, swimming pools, golf courses, football, cricket, and bowling clubs.  And for people just like you to enjoy at home with family and friends.

All sweets are a foundation member of National Confectionery Wholesalers Limited.  We have on offer an enormous range of products from major confectionery manufacturers, such as Cadbury, Nestle, Mars, Wrigley, Ferraro, Ferndale, Go Natural, Lindt, Smiths, and Snakcbrands Australia.  Through National Confectionery Wholesalers Limited we have access to the annual Power Brands Program.

With our long experience in this industry, plus access to industry data  we can advise on top-selling products for your requirements. 

We understand our customers needs and strive to stock the most popular products, and pride ourselves in providing regular and reliable delivery service to our customers.

lolly kingdom has access to a far greater range and categories of products than we can include in this website.